Hiro is given a clean bill of health!!

This morning was Hiro’s check-up after being on the antibiotics and other medicines for 2 weeks.

Misty brought Hiro and put him under my cat 2 weeks ago. Hiro was diagnosed as having severe flu and a collapsed lung. His right lung was no longer inflating and from the X-ray, his heart had shifted to the right side as well. There was a lot of inflammation in his bronchials as well. Hiro was about to have bronchopneumonia had Misty not brought him to me.

So it’s been 2 weeks now, and from my totally unqualified opinion, I think Hiro has improved. He is very active now. He eats well too (he’s on a 100% raw diet – Coco&Joe’s, Cubgrub and raw meat) right from the time he was rescued.

So, the vet took an X-ray and….


Everything is back to normal for Little Hiro! His right lung is functioning and his heart has shifted back to where it’s supposed to be. There is no visible inflammation anymore. So, he’s as normal as can be!!

Hiro’s heart has shifted back to its right place.

Everything is normal! By the way, there is food in his intestines.

We did it, little one! We did it!!

The only thing is, the vet says, Hiro is still underweight. So he has to eat up! Hiro was dewormed today. His next deworming appointment will be together with the Princesses. Although I suspect he is the same age as the girls, he’s still underweight and small sized, so he cannot be vaccinated yet (the girls will be vaccinated in less than 2 weeks’ time when they hit 8 weeks of age). Hiro would have to wait until he catches up weight-wise.

We will get there, Hiro. Slowly and steadily!

Hiro will be the thorn amongst the three roses, but he cannot mix with them until they are vaccinated, just to play it safe.

So tiny, but so strong!

Mission: Possible – To gain weight!





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