The Blondies and the Pee

“Sigh” is all I can say.

So we tried Cat’s Best soft litter. Yes, for “sensitive paws”. Blondie paws. Princesses’ delicate paws.

And what did they do?

Well, on the first day after I replace the tofu litter with Cat’s Best Sensitive, they still did it all over the room. Nobody used the litter boxes with Cat’s Best.

On the second day, I noticed someone (I think it’s Kai) using the litter box with Cat’s Best but Indra and Akira (I think) were still peeing and pooing outside the boxes. Worse, Samantha didn’t like Cat’s Best so she also poo-ed outside the box to show her displeasure.

Triple Facepalm.

Well, at least Riley is eating.

See the pool of pee behind the red litter box? I’ve now put a tissue box in this place to block it.

A favourite pee spot is behind this mirror. I am not sure of what to do here.

Finally, the Wee Wee Pads have arrived. Let me try using these. Maybe, hopefully, it will help.

My vet says these girls are all “spoilt”. She is right. Spoilt rotten.





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