Catching the “Mission Impossible Dogs”

Hi, it’s JoTong here.

I would like to share with all of you about the different methods that we have been using to catch the “Mission Impossible Dogs” . When we started our neutering work in our area back in 2021, it was an easy job for us as most of the dogs were touchable by Uncle Wong. However, we do have a handful of mission impossible dogs who are super skittish and we can’t even get near to them. Therefore, we have to use different methods to catch them.

1. Mouse Trap
This method is suitable to use on a single dog who do not roam in a big group. It works exactly as a mouse trap. Bait (food) is placed inside the trap and once the dog goes in, eats the bait, the trap door slams shut.

Mouse Trap

2. Fencing
This method is suitable to use for dogs who always roam together in a group.  We will place the fencing at the same place for a few days where we will feed the dogs inside the fencing parameter. The reason for us to do this is to let the dogs get used to the sight of the fencing. When the targeted dog and her group of friends go inside the fencing, we will pull the string to close up the opening of the fencing to trap the dogs inside. Patience and time are needed for this.



3. Fish net
This method is used on the most difficult dogs who are scared of the sight of the mouse trap and fencing (But I seriously think these dogs are the most intelligent ones). We will place the fish net on the ground, then we will put a piece of big plastic intended to cover the fish net and food will be placed on the plastic sheet. Usually the alpha dogs will come to eat first, leaving the last dog (most skittish ones) to go in last. The difficult part with this method is the fish net will need to be near to a sturdy pole where we can tie the strings secured to the fish net from every corner of the net. Ensure that there is more than enough food so that there will be at least some leftover for the last dog that you want to catch.

Fish Net

You must always bring along a thick blanket for covering the dog’s head (if you need to use your hand to transfer the dog to a cage). This will help to calm the dog.

Please remember to wear a heavy duty / thick long hand gloves when handling the caught dogs as they tend to get scared and become very aggressive. You don’t want to get injured yourself. Own safety is very important!







2 responses to “Catching the “Mission Impossible Dogs””

  1. Hello admin, You always provide helpful diagrams and illustrations.

  2. Josephine Tong

    Hi Dante, we hope to be able to share more ideas with other rescuers to make their rescue work easier. Never give up on trying!

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