I’m a Cat Grandma too…

Hi, its’s JoTong here.

All my previous articles were all about dogs and actually I still have tonnes of untold rescue stories on the dogs.

However, I would like to share that I am a cat person too with 2 female cats (MeMe, who was rescued from the roadside in 2020 and MeiMei, who was given to us by a friend when she was just a palm-sized kitten) staying inside my house, one male cat (MongMong, who came to the backlane of my house in 2022) now staying at the back lane and another female cat (BoBa, who came into my car porch in 2023) staying at my car porch with my dog. But why do I call myself a cat grandma? It’s because my daughter was the cat mummy, so I have to be the cat grandma….?

MeMe when she was rescued as a kitten


MeiMei when she was a kitten


MeMe and MeiMei now


MongMong’s transformation in March 2022


MongMong now


This is Boba





One response to “I’m a Cat Grandma too…”

  1. Mas

    All so cute and well taken care of. MongMong pandai posing.

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