How goes the litter box training with the Blondies?


It has actually been pretty good, folks.

The two food bowls have worked for days now, ever since I placed them there – no urine!
Shh..touchwood, touchwood!

And they are just empty bowls without food.


I bought a small pack of Cat’s Best Original to compare with the Sensitive (below). Not much difference, actually.

So after this Sensitive finishes, I’m going to use Original. Now, I’m mixing the two.

Samantha – she doesn’t hiss at me anymore nowadays. But Misty is still more friendly and affectionate than her.

That’s the Calico pride for you.

This was dinner. Indy still has to be handfed. Riley is still anorexic (but that’s just eating anorexically, her weight is fine).






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