Kai’s adventure….uh-oh

We already know that first-born Kai is the most adventurous of the three Blondies.

Look what she just did.

She climbed up the ladder.

Jayden is equally adventurous (under armed supervision) and Indy is concerned. Good boy, Indy.

Uh-oh…Kai has discovered a flaw in our design.

It may be possible for her to poke her head to make a hole big enough for her to escape to the roof here. We hadn’t realised this.

And before we could do anything, she already climbed onto the pipe, which is round. And she lost her balance and fell down, on all fours, with a thud and my heart stopped. But she immediately ran off.

We removed the blue platform so that no cat can go on it until we call Golden Triology to relocate this platform. Phew…our bad, we didn’t realise this flaw in our design.

Trust Kai to discover it.





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