Akira rushed to vet’s with Kai tagging along (Part 1)

It started with Kai not eating well yesterday. Then, in the evening, I saw a lot of vomit on the floor of the pantry, which I suspected was Kai’s.

Then this morning, Akira refused to eat. This was followed by her vomiting.

I was hoping the vomiting would stop but it did not. She kept vomiting bile and gradually she became less active. I did give her 1/5 capsule of Omeprazole (which the vet later said could be lowered down further) and 0.5ml Vetri DMG.

But Akira became worse.

Indra accompanied her sister as she slept. Good girl, Indra.

Akira is NEVER down and out like this. Kai, yes, but not Akira or Indra. These two play nonstop.

Seeing this, I quickly tried to get an appointment for Akira. Luckily I was able to get one this morning.

Akira looked so unwell and seemed to be going down fast.

I thought I might as well bring Kai too. Jayden is giving words of encouragement to the kittens.

So off we went to the vet’s.

The vet examined Akira first and found that she has a fever of 39.6 degrees. An ear-prick blood test also showed elevated white blood cells, so there’s definitely an infection. I told the vet Kai and Akira (and actually, also Indra) had been hunting cockroaches lately and I saw a few partially eaten up too. This could be the cause, ie. eating contaminated cockroaches.


The vet palpated Akira’s gut and it was gassy, so she may have loose stools later. Akira was given a Metacam injection (anti-inflammatory, and for fever) and Cerenia injection for anti-vomiting (this injection is painful as it is of a lower pH).  The vet also prescribed Famotidine liquid 0.25ml for the gastro issue (2x daily or as necessary to start tomorrow since I had already given 1/5 cap of Omeprazole today, which the vet said was a bit much, so the dosage should be lowered). Metrogyl antibiotic was prescribed for the infection (2x daily for 6 days), daily half a sachet of Maximum Pro GI probiotic (7 days).  Also, to give Drontal (1/2 tablet) this evening. Instead of another Metacam dosage tomorrow, Akira can be given Beazyme (1/2 tablet, 2x daily) for 3 days from tomorrow, Mirtazapine 0.1ml (appetite stimulant) topical (once daily, if necessary). She should also be on a cooked diet or canned food until recovery. If no improvement, to revisit after 2 days.

As for Kai, she did not have any fever and no elevated white blood cells, but when palpated, Kai was a little big gassy too. So, as a preemptive measure, the vet prescribed Drontal (1/2 tablet) this evening, Max Pro GI (1/2 sachet) once daily for 7 days, Famotidine anti-gastric liquid 0.25ml twice daily (as necessary or if not eating well), Mirtazapine (appetite stimulant) 0.1ml once daily if necessary, Beazyme 1/2 tablet (twice daily) for 3 days. As with Akira, Kai should also be on a cooked diet or canned food until she is back to eating her normal amount.

Then, we came home and I started off with the Max Pro GI for both of them. Since it’s in a powder form, I mixed it with some Cindy’s baby food (pureed chicken) and luckily for me, both of them were willing to eat it all up. Indra came for some too and so did Cow Mau, so they had (just) the pureed chicken baby food. I also fed Akira her antibiotic. The rest is either for this evening or tomorrow.

This is Kai.

Samantha appeared to be totally not bothered about anyone. Either she’s not bothered or she knows it isn’t serious? We will never know.

Cleo was more concerned about the kittens than Samantha was.






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