At Bunny’s Place this morning

Gerald, Misty and Creamy are our only CNRM free roaming cats. In fact, I think Creamy has a home somewhere in the back street. He only comes to eat raw food.

The rest of our cats are indoors, living in three different zones: Bunny’s Place, Ginger’s Catio and Tabs’ Safehouse (the rest of the house, accessible to Tabs and Riley). The only reason Tabs had to be given access to the rest of the house was that she used to be bullied in Bunny’s Place. Riley is Tabs’ companion but she likes to spend time in Bunny’s Place with her sisters too. We assume that Riley is Samantha’s elder daughter from an earlier litter and this makes the Blondies her sisters from another father, literally.

That’s Akira with Samantha. One of my lucky days where she is willing to eat without fuss.

Kai is also eating. Again, truly my lucky day!

Mother and daughter!

Akira’s ear-notch is starting to uncurl, after so long. If it uncurls completely, it will be a sharp V-notch again.

Indra, our food guzzler.


Cow Mau

That hard lump above his neck wound has shrunk a lot. So yes, it was a soft tissue swelling due to the blunt force trauma inflicted by one of the Monsters.

Indy, coming for food, but if it’s raw food, he would have to be hand-fed. I’ve been hand-feeding him for a very long time, so it’s just one of those things I do twice-daily. The only raw food he is willing to eat on his own is raw liver, but he cannot survive on raw liver alone. So he gets that as an occasional treat. His staple food is still either Coco&Joe’s or Cubgrub. He also gets kibble and canned food. What to do? I’ve decided that our seniors get whatever they want. The principle of senior-feeding is: As long as they eat. Luckily Cow still wants to eat raw food. Cleo fluctuates between raw food and renal kibble.

The Blondies’ hunting instincts are very primal.

Yesterday, they chased and cornered a poor little treeshrew. Luckily we intervened and allowed the little thing a small window of time to escape. Escape he did! Safely and soundly.

The Monsters wanted to come and eat grass, so I allowed them under heavy supervision. That’s Smurfy, Lynx and Robin.

Minnie and Ginger

Rey decided to stay put safely in the catio today.






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