Doing CNRM within our means

As I had written in the previous post, the best way to keep our CNRM work sustainable is to do it within our means. Whether it is only one animal or 100, everyone’s financial resources, time and energy are limited, so everyone’s “means” would differ. Never compare yourself with another caregiver.

As for me, we are currently looking after 18 cats where 15 are indoors and 3 are CNRM-outdoor cats. I had originally only wanted to stop rescuing and just see our senior cats through, but as destiny would have it, Minnie and Samantha came pregnant, so we have two young families now, consisting of 10 cats, assuming Riley is also Samantha’s daughter.

Creamy, Gerald and Misty are the CNRM community cats and they are fed in our porch. Ginger, Minnie and her sons, Smurfy, Rey, Robin and Lynx live in Ginger’s Catio (the entire side garden of our house). Cow Mau, Cleo, Indy, Samantha and her daughters, Kai, Akira and Indra live in Bunny’s Place (our back room and the entire back garden). Tabs and Riley live in Tabs’ Safehouse (the rest of our house).

This is all I can handle and I don’t foresee myself adopting anymore street animals.






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