Indy’s subcut for the day

It was way back in 2019, four years ago, when Indy needed subcut, but only for 8 months. He had kidney issues, but it resolved itself after 8 months and he didn’t need subcut anymore. Way back then, I was able to do it singlehandedly so I thought I’d try today.

Yes, I still can! He was growling throughout, clearly unhappy, but he didn’t protest with a bite or struggle. I even managed to change bottles midway.

Indy needs 250ml on alternate days for 10 days until the next check-up. Hopefully, the fluids will clear away some of the toxins (creatinine and urea) and hopefully he will feel better after this. He is also on Renal-N, 1.5 scoops twice daily. Renal-N is a probiotic for kidney patients.

After the subcut.

You can see the paw wound here in this photo.

The fluids inside it were tested and thank goodness there are no cancerous cells. Just old blood. Initially, another cause for such a swelling could be improper lymphatic drainage too, but it isn’t this as well. It must be a bump wound that resulted in soft tissue swelling. Indy did not limp, and continued jumping up all the platforms so I didn’t even know about this bump wound.

Sometimes, I wish cats weren’t so resilient and had a lower threshold for pain so that at least we would know when they are in pain.

But cats are made this way – they are super tahan lasak animals.

Compare them to humans? Ryan asks for an ice pack for even the tiniest bump while Jayden asks of ointment for all his bites and old scars. Clever boys! If only cats would tell us of every slightest pain they have too instead of enduring it until it’s no longer tolerable.






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