Feeding the Super Seniors and tales from Bunny’s Place

This is the Super Seniors and the Blondies (plus Samantha’s) breakfast. The two blobs is the Renal-N mixed in baby food. The smaller one is for Cleo as she needs 1 scoop twice daily while the bigger one is for Indy who needs 1.5 scoops twice daily.

Indra, Cleo, Cow Mau and Samantha eating. This is normal. I would have to chase down Akira and Kai who will be busy playing. Indy had already eaten earlier when he heard me cutting up raw meat. Ever since his first subcut, Indy has shown very obvious improvement in demeanour. And appetite! At least he is interested in food now. The vet says it must be the fluids clearing off some of the toxins from his body.

The hardest to feed now is Kai. She is always too busy hunting.

Akira too, but Kai is harder to feed.

Indy having another snack. It’s such a joy seeing Indy eat by himself.

Cow actually has the biggest appetite amongst everyone in Bunny’s Place. Second is Indra.

Ginger and the Monsters’ supervised visit over to eat grass.

Samantha went over to the catio.

Indy also went over.

We had a very hard time getting Indy to go back. I had no choice but to splash him with water because he simply refused to budge and I couldn’t risk him getting into a fight with the Monsters. Also, it was time for his subcut.





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