The snackers and the master strategist

Today’s snackers are Indy, Samantha, Kai and Akira.

Akira and Samantha will never pass off a snack. They are total junkies.

Tabs and Riley too, but more of Riley. She is really a snacker. In fact, Riley doesn’t eat proper meals. She only eats snacks. What a junkie!

You are the hardest to feed, Riley.

Riley is a brilliant strategist and opportunist too. She knows when to ask for food and how to ask for it. She waits until I’m busiest in the kitchen, then she will mew and mew as though she had not eaten for days, giving you that accusing look that says, “I’m so hungry, I’m starving, this is abuse. You have to feed me, NOW!”. 

Then because I’m busy, what is the easiest food to give her?

Kibble, right? That’s the convenience food, isn’t it?

That is how she gets what she wants.

But I try to outsmart her whenever I can. No matter how busy I am, if I can, I will give her proper food. But what will she do, she will walk away (hello, I thought you were VERY hungry??). Happily trotting out of the kitchen.

Yeah…who’s very hungry, right?

And the next time you go into the kitchen, she will repeat the whole drama.

If someone who doesn’t know her visits and witnesses the drama, I’m sure the person will think I don’t feed her at all!





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