An extremely fierce battle between Samantha and Robin

It just happened about an hour ago.

The war cries were earth-shattering.

I had opened Stargate to allow Ginger and the Monsters to cross over to eat grass. I was monitoring everything, ensuring no fights broke out and none did.

Indy crossed over to Ginger’s Catio too, but I shooed him back.

Later, I shooed all the Monsters back as well and only Ginger remained to eat more grass in Bunny’s Place (he has been having some gastric issues).

I thought all was well until much later, we heard the earth-shattering war cries.

Oh my goodness, where was it coming from???

It was at the Blondies’ Jungle. This would be the row of Thaumatococcus at Stargate, but on the side of Ginger’s Catio.

Oh no, oh no…my first thought was, did one of the Blondies cross over, unbeknownst to me?

I quickly rushed to check and egad! It was Samantha and Robin, fighting for their lives, from the earth-shattering war cries. Samantha had crossed over without me knowing.

Immediately, I opened Stargate (I was coming from Bunny’s Place side) to stop the fight and guess what happened?

Indy, our hero, rushed out from Bunny’s Place to help.

Indy to the rescue!!!

But the fight quickly broke up and Samantha zoomed back to safety while I stopped Robin from giving chase. Indy helped, of course.

Good boy, Indy!!

Our brave hero and protector, Uncle Indy!!

Samantha must have had a fright of her life!  Poor girl.

Fearless Uncle Indy.


More evidence (broken leaf),

The sweet-faced culprit, Robin.

Robin, from the gentlest and most manja (still is) Monster that he was, is now the most vicious bully among them all.

Talk about the meek inheriting the earth!! That’s an understatement!





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