Indy’s glorious formed poop!!

So I had a battalion of remedies all lined-up to give Indy for his once-a-day oatmeal stool.

Kaolin pectin was my first and that failed. I’ve been giving it for a week with no result at all. That’s strange because it worked so well with Akira and Kai previously.

Well, to be fair, it did work a little bit initially, then the oatmeal poop came back with a vengeance! That is why I persevere for a week. And I decided yesterday that it doesn’t work.

So, yesterday, I went on to items No. 2 and 3, namely, Maximus Pro GI (a yeast probiotic – once) and steamed pumpkin (twice).

When I gave the steamed pumpkin to Indy, Cow also had some.

Then, husband managed to twist the CCTV camera to point at the sandpit, so we were all set. We would check the CCTV this afternoon to see if indeed it was Indy who pooped in that spot.

This morning, I had a most pleasant surprise!

On that very spot, was WELL-FORMED stools!!

I could not believe my eyes!

I checked the texture and it is still a wee bit soft, but it definitely had form.

This is a huge improvement!!

So it means the probiotic and steamed pumpkin has borne results! Hooray!

Next was just to wait for husband to come home from work and check the CCTV.

If you are wondering why I cannot check the CCTV myself. Well, it’s because Jayden was here all day AND we never have any luck with CCTV systems. Our first one failed miserably. This is our second one and the phone app has long failed. So that leave only the computer screen where we can view, but rewinding to view previous videos is beyond me. It is such a difficult process as the dates are all wrong and I don’t know what else is wrong.

So I waited for husband to come back and guess what? The hard disk had konked and there is zero data.


So now we cannot view anything at all despite having twisted the camera to point at that spot.

Bummer, bummer, bummer!!

So, is it Indy’s?

Most likely it is, right? Because Indy was given the probiotic and steamed pumpkin twice yesterday. Cow only licked a bit of steamed pumpkin.

So, it has to be Indy, correct?

Indy, it’s you and your poop, right?

Indy: That’s for me to know and for you to keep guessing.

This week, Cow is going for his heart check-up, Cleo and Indy for their CKD check-up, all three on the same day, so I hope the vet can shed some light on this mystery.

Meanwhile, let’s wait for tomorrow’s poop. I have continued giving Indy the steamed pumpkin and probiotic but not Cow.

We shall know better tomorrow.

Won’t we?






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