Our previously scorched earth

A few weeks ago, we noticed that almost three-quarters of the grass on our lawn was drying up and dying.

Our part-time gardener came and he told us that it was due to some “worms” that were eating up the roots of the grass.

A quick check over the internet revealed that these are not worms but insects that look like worms. They are all grub worms and yes, they eat up the roots of grass thereby killing them.

Our lawn looked scorched and destroyed. The gardener said we could buy some chemical from the nursery to treat it, but my husband went to find out and it’s a kind of very toxic poison.

There’s no reason to kill to solve a problem of the lawn, right? Moreover, the nursery people said the chemical is so very toxic that even animals and humans must not step on the lawn for two weeks after the application.

That’s totally crazy. We have Creamy, Gerald and Misty coming daily.

In any case, we should never resort of killing to solve a problem.

So I suggested to my husband that we turn our garden into a Zen garden. Let the grub worms eat to their hearts’ content, then forget about replanting the grass, just fill up the garden with sand, rocks and pebbles and Zen it. Husband wasn’t keen on this idea.

So what’s next?

Every day, husband was at the garden, picking up the grub worms. I didn’t help because I cannot squat and I wouldn’t dare pick up worms too.

So, day by day, he was at it, picking up the worms and releasing them at the park where they cannot do much harm.

He said there were hundreds each time and I’m not surprised.

Well, what do you know….

It was a long shot, but guess what? The grass started growing back!

Look at it now! Before this, three-quarters of the lawn was dead, scorched. Now, only one little part (near the bonsais) is still dead. But it looks like our grass has overcome the wormy invaders.

Grass is so resilient, isn’t it?

And you both are completely safe, Gerald and Misty!

On a more serious and reflective note, humans create poison to solve their problems, but do they know that eventually the very same poison will remain in our ecosystem and in turn poison us?

Live and let live, whether it’s worms or tiny insects. It’s their earth too.

And the biggest destroyers of the earth isn’t any animal, it is the humans.





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