Is that your nice poop, Indy?

Some photos of the subcut session this morning…

Singlehandedly doing Indy’s subcut. He’s so cooperative. Such a good boy!

Good boy, Indy!

Cleo’s need two humans.

I’ve been checking at the sandpit all day. There has only been very well-formed stools in it. I don’t think that’s Indy’s poop, but just now I found well-formed stools at his usual spot. Could that be Indy’s? I certainly hope so.

Is that your poop, Indy?

Indy: Well, how do I tell you when you don’t understand Cat and you cannot read my mind?

Well, show me a sign, Indy. Any sign.

Sometimes, cats do that. For example, whenever anyone constipate or has serious diarrhoea, they will purposely show me when I enter their space. Also, when they are straining to urinate; they will purposely do it to show me.

So show me a sign, Indy.







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