The trick to feeding the Blondies

This are the tricks to feeding particularly Kai and Akira.

Indra is okay, because she eats a lot. Kai and Akira, if given a choice, would rather play than eat.

So the tricks are:

  1. Follow them to where they are and place the bowl there, in front of their faces. They might not come to the feeding area.
  2. Top the Coco&Joe’s with Cubgrub. That works.
  3. For Akira, sometimes, I need to place some kibble in the bowl. Somehow the smell of kibble draws her to eat her raw food (and she might just leave the kibble untouched after that!)
  4. And this is the most important: Watch them like a hawk while they are eating and the moment they are about to finish their food, quickly top it up – they can still eat. But if you are slow in topping up, they will run off to play and there’s no way to get them back to eat anymore. The eating momentum would be gone.

Now, I need to use the bigger bowls for Kai and Indra because both of them can eat a lot at one go!

It is only for the kittens that I’m concerned they eat enough. Samantha is fine. In fact, shape-wise, she looks a bit obese!

And I never needed to use any tricks for the Monsters when they were young. They ate like monsters!! In fact, I had to restrain them in isolation, then prepare all their bowls and the moment the door opens, they would Ferari-in (yes, run in in formation, like sports cars in a Formula One circuit!). It was quite a sight! And definitely a joy!

But with the Blondies…it is a different story altogether. Except for Indra, eating isn’t their priority nor interest.

You girls still need to GROW!!






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