Cleo, Cow Mau and Indy to the vet’s – it’s Cleo (hospitalised)

I didn’t know who vomited the blood which I found this morning, so I took Cleo, Cow Mau and Indy to the vet’s. Until the time we left the house, there was still no abnormal behaviour from any of them.

The vet suspected it could be Indy so he was checked first. Indy’s ear-prick blood test was normal, temperature was normal. His blood PCV was an unexpected 30% which is a very pleasant surprise for everyone. The vet says maybe his kidneys started functioning again and is producing the hormones for the bone marrow to make blood. Or maybe, the supplements are working for him. I know they are, based on his blood test readings. Just that the PCV of 30% is really good news. Indy also put on weight; he is 5kg now.

So, it’s not likely that the bloody vomitus came from Indy.

Next, we checked Cleo. I will leave her news for later in this article as it is most likely Cleo.

We will move on to Cow Mau first. Cow Mau also had a normal temperature and his ear-prick test was normal. Cow’s blood PCV was also 30%, which is good enough. Cow Mau had been having brown eye discharge lately. The vet checked and there is no bacteria in his discharge, so all I need to do is the clean his eyes. Cow’s weight was 4.4kg (just a small decrease).

The blood vomitus is not likely to be from Cow Mau as well.

So, highly likely to be from Cleo. The first indication is that Cleo’s blood PCV dropped to a shocking 17%. It was 27% two weeks ago. Something acute may have happened to have led to this. To try to boost her blood PCV, Cleo was given the Darbepoetin jab and a Methycobal (B-12) injection. Cleo also lost weight, from the previous 3.2kg to 2.8kg, which is a very significant loss.

I requested for an ultrasound of her kidneys so this was done later. Cleo was also prescribed Famotidine to control the vomiting and to start on Metrogyl antibiotic in case of any infection. The ear-prick blood test showed no infection yet, but if it is something acute, the white blood cells will not be elevated so quickly. Cleo is also put on Sucralfate; it is a medicine to coat the stomach lining and intestines. This is to patch up whatever that could be causing any bleeding there.

From the ultrasound, the left kidney wall is inflamed while the right kidney is very much more crinkled than before. This is also something new which could have led to the bleeding (the bloody vomitus). A possibility would be tumours in the right kidney. We aren’t sure at this juncture.

A blood test was also done and Cleo’s creatinine level has shot through the roof at 714. It was 477 two weeks ago. This is a very drastic rise, as is the blood PCV taking a drastic nosedive. The urea is also very high at 30.2. Seeing the high level of creatinine and the drastic drop in the blood PCV plus the terrifying bloody vomitus, the vet recommended that Cleo be hospitalised and put on IV-drip to hopefully bring down the creatinine level.

The vet said if I did not agree, I could also bring Cleo home and monitor her, but I know I won’t be able to provide what the IV-drip can. Subcut fluids won’t do the work, and we know it hasn’t been doing the work. She has been on daily subcut and yet, her creatinine level continues to rise. Even the supplements aren’t working for her. They are working for Indy, but not for Cleo.

Sigh…every cat is different. Every CKD case is also different and every cat will respond differently to treatment even if the same supplements and medicines are used.

So I agreed to hospitalised Cleo. It is for her own good. I cannot do what the IV-drip can do.

I gave Cleo a big hug and explained to her that she has to stay back at the clinic for at least three days. Another blood test will be done on Sunday to determine if the creatinine level has come down and if she can be discharged.

I will be visiting Cleo again this evening to bring her the medicines and supplements from home.

I drove Cow Mau and Indy back. They had been waiting for too long in their respective carriers.

Indy seems to be responding positively to the CKD supplements. Or is he healing himself, doing his mysterious TCM (traditional cat medicine)?

Cow Mau is as good as he can be, with his congestive heart failure.

We are 99% sure the bloody vomitus today came from Cleo. I hope the hospitalisation will help Cleo.

Cleo, all our cats and all of us thank you in advance for your kind wishes and positive hopes for Cleo to feel better and be more comfortable. I hope the IV-drip does its magic.






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