Patches of fresh blood in Bunny’s Place

I found one big patch of fresh jelly-like blood in Bunny’s Room today. There was also another patch on the pantry floor and many bloody paw prints on the floor of the room including on the table.

The blood was jelly-like with some liquid around it and it had some darker-coloured jelly-like substance as well.

My first suspicion is, of course, that it must have come from one of the Super Seniors, but who?

And was this passed out from the bowels or vomited out? It looked like vomitus to me,

There was nothing bloody at the sandpit or the litter boxes; just the usual faeces.

We had already previously moved the CCTV camera (which used to point over to the pantry) to cover the sandpit area because I was trying to figure out who has passing loose stools (it was Indy), so no camera covers this area now.

Nobody looked sickly. Butts and mouths had no signs of blood too. I also did not hear any sounds of vomiting all night before I slept. Normally I will hear it if anyone vomits.

Below are two photos of the bloody patches. Please do not be alarmed.

It looks like vomitus to me, but I have already collected a sample for the vet to check. But who should I take to the clinic? All three of the Super Seniors? I’m monitoring all three of them now and hopefully by the time the clinic opens, I would have a better idea of who to take. If not, it might have to be all three of them.

Indy looks fine.

The bloody paw prints cannot be used as a clue either because it could be someone else who stepped on the blood. Most of the paw prints were in the room, leading to the front door (of the room). Cow Mau normally comes to the front door a lot.

Cleo also seems fine except that she wasn’t too keen to eat this morning, but that is her normal behaviour.

Except for his eye discharge, Cow Mau also seems fine.

I doubt it’s the young ones. This is Kai.

Indra looks okay. Samantha too.

Akira also looks fine.

For now, it remains a bloody mystery. Who’s bloody vomit(?) was it?







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