The huge Indy-Smurfy fight and the Monster Brotherhood!

Indy has a lot of bite left in him.

Just now, I suddenly heard the sound of war cries. I was sure no Monsters were left in Bunny’s Place this morning, so who is fighting who now?

Maybe the Monsters are fighting amongst themselves, which happens once in a while when the stars are out of alignment.

So I rushed out to Ginger’s Catio only to nothing happening, and from there, I quickly rushed into Bunny’s Place.

I found Indy war-crying at the door of his cage and inside the cage, on the highest platform, was Smurfy.

So, Smurfy was left behind in Bunny’s Place this morning after the grass-eating session.

My bad…I sometimes forget who has gone back and who has not. I didn’t do a headcount this morning.

So I had to carry Indy away before I could open Stargate to let Smurfy go back. Smurfy was way too scared to even move, so I had to get a stick to nudge him.

He fled back!!

To be comforted by Uncle Ginger and his brothers….awww…

This is what brotherhood is all about, folks.


The road is long,With many a winding turn,That leads us to who knows where, who knows where.But I’m strong,Strong enough to carry him,He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
So on we go,His welfare is of my concern,No burden is he to bear,We’ll get there.


My brotherhood is with Cow Mau. So there! We always win!

Cow Mau is quite retired now, but still…he still has his bite…literally!

The Blondies were all huddled together in the room when the fight occurred.





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