Porch Cats stories

Creamy was here today, so as usual, it always starts with a slight scuffle between Misty and him. Misty isn’t too fond of Creamy, unfortunately.

Gerald has decided that they will have raw food mixed with some tasty canned food. Oh well…Gerald calls the shots for everyone. If not for this, Misty and Creamy are perfectly satisfied and satiated with 100% raw food.

Misty is still very defensive and would be easily distracted from eating by the slightest sound on the road. Maybe most females are extra cautious (this applies to humans too!).

The boys are…well, boys! Food first, food first!! Like humans too, eh?

Previously, when I am not pressed for time, I would always stay and add on until they have eaten to their stomachs’ fill and hearts’ content, then wash the bowls and only then will I go in to feed the next zone.

But the past few days have been busy ones, so I tried putting enough food in each bowl and leaving them to eat on their own. This proved to be a bad idea!

And why?

Because they feel like they hadn’t eaten enough, so they keep coming back again and again to ask for seconds and thirds and fourths!

So no, I am going back to staying with them until they have had their stomachs’ fill. I will add on until they have had enough and walk away on their own. I know this isn’t the ideal way of feeding, but it works for me and for them!

The ideal, scientific and mathematically-correct way of feeding is to weight each cat, determine whether you want to maintain the weight, increase or reduce it, then calculate the correct percentages based on the said decisions plus whether the cat is active or sedentary and based their age, determine the exact grammage of food the cat should eat, then use a kitchen weighing scale to correctly and accurately measure the amount and serve only that amount to the cat.

And have I done this before? Yes, I have when I first started the conversion of all our cats, but I no longer do it now.

Now? I play it by ear and for most of them it’s the “eat all you can” principle as long as you are not unhealthily obese!

Life is short. Having an appetite is a blessing.






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