Some updates on Cow Mau, Indy and Rey

All three went to the vet’s yesterday, so this is a short update after one day.


Indy’s sneezing has reduced considerably ever since he started on the full spectrum of medication for his flu plus the nebulisation.

I went to the vet’s to get him Promax for his loose stools today, so he is back on 2-3 weeks of Promax. After that, I’ve already bought another probiotic for him. This time it is Love-Bugs from Adored Beasts. I was told they are at the forefront of probiotics. There is another product that is even better for loose stools from the same company. It is called Feline-Gut-Soothe, but this one has L-Glutamine and is not recommended for CKD cats.

With the vet’s consent, I’ve also started Indy on an iron supplement to address his decreased blood PCV. It’s Cleo’s iron supplement.

Indy loves the nebulisation, though. We’ve always joked that Indy is a druggie. He also loves catnip powder and goes crazy over it. He loves those Chinese herbal ointment that I sometimes use and it makes him high. Hence, “druggie”.

Cow Mau

For the first time ever, the Metacam injection did not perform a miracle. It normally does for practically all our cats. It’s so miraculous that I nickname is “the magic injection”. Cow Mau was still pawing as usual after the injection until this morning, so I gave him the oral Meloxicam this morning (I’m supposed to use it only when needed). Well, it WAS needed.

By evening, I noticed that he pawed less, but he still pawed. Just less, which is already good. He could even eat some leftover kibble.


Now, Rey is NOT easy to pill at all! He fights and resists and he is so, so strong. And he also spits out the pill. So I have to watch him after I’d pilled him to make sure I find the pill if he spat it out, and pill him again.

Cow could eat kibble, but he ended up pawing too. But the improvement is from being unable to eat kibble to being able to eat.

The druggie loving his nebulisation!

Indy and Cow Mau


The camaraderie amongst the Monsters is admirable!






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