Medicines, medicines (and about Promax)!

I think I am suffering from some brain fog ever since getting Covid-19. Besides making loads of typos, I sometimes stare at a word and cannot spell it correctly. Sort of getting all my letters jumbled up and not knowing which to put first.

Yikes! I hope this isn’t permanent. The last thing I want to lose is my brain because that’s my forte.

But anyway, brain fog or none, I still have to continue looking after all the cats and this includes giving them all their medicines at the correct timing. For those on antibiotics, it also means making sure the antibiotics and anything that contains probiotic flora does not mix and is separated at 2 hours from each other.

Indy’s and Cow Mau’s are given 4 times a day, Rey’s twice a day and Indra’s once a day. It’s Indy’s and Cow Mau’s that are tricky as the kidney supplements should not mix. I shall spare you all the other details. Suffice to say I have to function at an optimal brain level. Go away, brain fog!!

Haha….maybe I don’t have brain fog, I’m just simply saying it. Being slightly absent-minded at times is normal for anyone senior!

And this is my medicines from the doctor, for Covid. You haven’t seen my supplements yet. I won’t show it to you…haha.

On another note, I would like to add on some information about Promax, the probiotics prescribed for diarrhoea for Indy and Indra. The vet said to use a maximum of 4 days only, after which it may cause constipation. The reason is, it contains a type of clay, so this can cause constipation if the stools have normalised.

This is why it’s so crucially important that we either seek the vet’s advice or consult a pharmacist on what exactly a medication does. We should never self-administer.

I once spoke with a seasoned and famous dog rescuer. He told me how he stocked up on antibiotics and various medication for dogs and cats and he administers it by himself without consulting a vet. Then I asked him what he would do for cat flu, and he named me the antibiotics. I knew clearly it was the wrong type, but he would not hear otherwise.

Then, there are quite a few Chinese dog rescuers who stock up on Doxy. Just Doxy for everything under the sun. That is not right. There are various antibiotics meant for different pathogens. How would we lay people know which antibiotic to dish out when we don’t know what the pathogen is? Is it gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria? Or is it viral?

Like for my Covid sorethroat, both my pharmacist and the doctor said I should not be on any antibiotics at all. So, even though most sorethroats need antibiotics, mine doesn’t. It’s totally viral. I only needed an anti-inflammatory. If I’d had simply bought myself antibiotics, I would have contributed to he misuse of antibiotics already. Or maybe I won’t be even be getting well now.

So, please do not take medicines into your own hands, especially when your animals are at your mercy.

There is a reason doctors, vets and pharmacists go to school to study for years, get a degree and then only practise.






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