And finally, Misty comes back!

It’s been a very long day today.

My day began at 2.45am this morning and I have not rested yet.

When I finally finished managing all the cat matters, updating the new supplement regimens for Indy and Cow Mau, updated all the medical records, it was time to feed the cats their dinner.

But…Misty did not come back for dinner.

Gerald was across the road and he came bounding back when I brought food out. Gerald ate on his own. He was very hungry.

I called out for Misty but she was nowhere to be seen.

It had been a confusing day for Misty because right after breakfast, I had to catch Gerald and bring him into the house. Then, Gerald was gone for hours. When Gerald came back and I released him, Misty was nowhere to be seen too.

Poor Misty could have gone all over looking for Gerald during the hours that we were at the vet’s.

But I remained calm and continued feeding everyone else.

Indra, by the way, ate dinner. I am confident she is already on the mend by now.

Finally, after finish feeding everyone, I went out to look in the porch, and there was Misty!!

Misty is back!!!

Gerald also came back even though he had already eaten.

Dearest friends!

She ate a fair share of food too.

Best friends forever!

Today would have been perfect had Indy’s kidney readings improved, but it’s okay, because his PCV went up. That’s a bonus in itself. We cannot have everything we want. We can only do our very best and put in all our effort. Life is 50% chance.

I am thankful that Cow Mau is reasonably well, Indy is clinically well enough, Rey is okay and Gerald’s balding problem isn’t serious.

Tomorrow will be another day.

Happy Deepavali, folks! May the light of goodness shine brilliantly in our hearts!!





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