Cow Mau to the vet’s (Solensia injection administered)

Next up is Cow Mau.

Nothing seemed to be working for Cow Mau’s mouth pain now. Even the Metacam injection and the alternate-day Meloxicam oral medication didn’t help anymore. Neither does transdermal Tramadol, so as per the advice of our vet, I opted for the Solensia injection.

The Solensia is not a “drug” but an antibody that blocks the pain pathways. So it is “safe” in that it isn’t metabolised by the kidneys or the liver.

Solensia is an injectable monoclonal antibody therapy administered monthly to control feline osteoarthritis (OA) pain. It is a veterinary medicinal product, which contains the active substance frunevetmab. 

It is primarily used to be control pain associated with osteoarthritis but will also help with Cow’s mouth pain. I asked if Hyaflex is needed after this and the vet explained that it is because when Solensia starts to work (in about 2 weeks’ time) and blocks the pain pathways, Cow might start feeling active and jump about. Hence, Hyaflex is still needed to support his joints.

Cow’s creatinine is at 143 (acceptable) but the urea is slightly high at 16.5. But these readings are still acceptable and the Meloxicam has not elevated his kidney readings.

Cow just needs to increase his water intake to bring down the urea level.

Other than this, Cow’s all good and coping well. He maintained his weight at 4.5kg.

The next Solensia injection is in 4 weeks’ time. I hope the injection works.

Next up is Indy!







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