A perfect raw-diet poop from Indra (and my post-Covid brain fog)!

Maybe Indra wanted to reassure me that she’s completely recovered now, so she left a perfect-looking raw-diet poop (yes, just one beautiful piece!) along the wall in Bunny’s Room.

I just found it a few minutes ago.

The faeces of cats on a raw diet are typically small in size, crumbly and dry; this is because the nutrients are mostly absorbed, living very little to eliminate as faeces.

We did it, Indra! We did it without using any antibiotics!

Indra was only on pre+probiotics for her bloody-jelly-puddly poop problem this round. We used Promax and I rotated it with Love Bugs. The vet also prescribed transdermal Tramadol and Mirtazapine for pain and appetite, respectively. The whole combination helped.

I’m glad all’s well that ends well now!

Today has been a rather tiring day for me. I guess I’m experiencing the after-effects of Covid-19 now. The only flu-like symptom I have left now is the blocked nose, which isn’t very disturbing as I can still blow my nose and clear my sinuses. But I cannot go under air-conditioning, though. My nostrils get totally blocked.

Yesterday, I had to muster all my energy, mental and physical, to send four cats to the vet. I did that, and today, I’m totally knocked off. It’s a mind-over-matter thing with me. When something of great importance needs to be done, I will find the energy to do it, somehow.

I still have some brain fog, though. I went to the PLC to get Cat’s Best cat litter today and ended up buying a big pack of the WRONG type! Cat’s Best cat litter has four types: Original, Smart, Sensitive and Universal. I had gone intending to buy a small packet of Original, but I only saw the big packets and as for the small packets, they only had Sensitive. Without thinking much, but I did wonder why there was a picture of a cat, rabbit and guinea pig (or was that a hamster?) on the big packs. Maybe they have changed the picture on the package, right? So, without thinking, we lugged a huge bag back home, happily cut open the packet only to realise….oh my goodness, it’s the wrong type!

It’s a pack of Universal and it’s none-clumping. Bummers!!!

But what to do, I had already cut open the bag, so I poured everything out into containers and maybe by some luck, I could slowly use it up, mixed with Original.

Then, we went out again to another PLC branch to buy, this time, a small packet of Original. Better buy a small packet now, in case I mess up again.

Now, I’m hoping the Monsters won’t mind using the Universal. The pellets are much bigger in size than those of the Original. The Blondies would surely find the pellets too big and hard for their delicate little paws.

But talk about serendipity, Tabs didn’t mind the bigger pellets and someone from Bunny’s Place also has used the bigger pellets so far…twice, too. The only problem is, it doesn’t clump, so scooping is rather challenging.

Brain fog, brain fog, go away….don’t come again another day either!






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