Our Super Seniors’ updates – Cow Mau and Indy!

It’s been eight days since Cow Mau was given his Solensia injection. This is an antibody that blocks the pain pathways, particularly suited for osteoarthritis, which Cow Mau also has. But our main aim is to help him with the mouth pain and pawing which disrupts his eating.

So far, judging from his demeanour, I dare say that Cow Mau definitely feels better, overall. The mouth pain is still there, as evidenced by his pawing, but I think it’s a little less than before. The vet did say that it would take at least two weeks before we can see any visible results, and it has only been eight days now.

The brown discharge from his eyes has stopped too even though this might not be a direct good effect from the Solensia injection. Cow Mau definitely looks so much better now and by extension, I would like to believe that he feels better too.

Solensia is recommended for osteoarthritis, but there could be other beneficial side effects as well. The best thing is that it is an antibody and will not tax on the kidneys or liver for to be metabolised or eliminated.

Indy is, well, Indy. This is today’s subcut.

Nurse Indra is on duty, as always.

Ever since Indy started on subcut and also the Kidney Support Gold, his demeanour has improved by leaps and bounds. He has good appetite and no longer needs to be force fed; he eats on his own.

Indy is on quite a regimen of kidney support supplements: Astro’s fish oil, Astro’s Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub, Kidney Support Gold, Renal-N and Renal-P. He is also on daily pre+probiotics. As for medicines, he only has the Amlodipine to keep his blood pressure in check.

Cow Mau is on Amlodipine and Clopidogrel (blood thinner). He is also on daily pre+probiotics, Astro’s N-C Scrub and Astro’s fish oil, both of which I’m giving for his heart condition as well as for prevention of the inevitable kidney issues that will be caused by his congestive heart failure condition.

As for all the other cats, they are on daily pre+probiotics and I’m also adding Astro’s fish oil gradually. I’m rotating their pre+probiotics between Adored Beast’s Love Bugs and Fera Pet Organics’ pre+probiotics.






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