Mission: Still Possible (with Minnie!)

This morning, I did something quite brave.

I changed the pre+probiotics from Fera Pet Organics’ to Adored Beast’s Love Bugs. As with the previous one, I mixed it with Ciao treats.

For my pre+probiotic plan for the cats, I am rotating between two types. Call it kiasu or whatever, I want the best from both for them. Rotation is also good so that the digestive system does not get immune to one type.

It’s the same with rotating their proteins too.

Both Minnie and Smurfy ate their laced food! Smurfy was a teeny weeny bit suspicious initially, but he finally ate up his food (pre+probiotics plus the Ciao treats).

Yay!! Success!!

I still have not got a plan for Samantha yet. Waiting for ideas.





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