The Blondies and friends

Here are some photos taken at breakfast today, in Bunny’s Place and Tabs’ Kitchen.

Kai (on the left) and Indra. Both are eating raw food and being good.

Akira decided to skip breakfast today. It’s funny how the Monsters NEVER skip a meal, but the Blondies can easily skip it and not feel hungry.

Samantha too skips a lot of meals and goes on intermittent fasting. How she is obese is a mystery! That’s Cow Mau eating up Akira’s raw food.

Indy eats only when he is hungry. He will come to the door to ask for food. Also, twice a day, he gets all his supplements and this is given with Hill’s KD.

Tabs eating a treat of baby food which she loves. She gets a little bit whenever Cow Mau asks for it. And Cow Mau can actually eat up to 6-7 cans per day. He has a fantastic appetite.

Riley doesn’t eat much so that explains her 4.1kg weight. It doesn’t look like it will increase anytime soon, which is also fine.

Akira is out to play in the Safehouse. She is always booted out of Bunny’s Place whenever Indy eats because she steals Indy’s renal kibble.

Right now, I have Cindy’s grainfree kibble as snacks for the cats, but I’m trying to reduce their dependence on kibble. They are already on Greenies as a dental treat. Everyone loves Greenies.





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