Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil (+ Vit E) for the cats

It’s been 19 days since Gerald received his Convenia antibiotic injection so it would be time for him to be on pre+probiotics now. At the same time, I started all our cats (except the Porch Cats) on Fera Pet Organics fish oil yesterday. Previously, I only had Astro’s Oil’s fish oil for Indy and Cow Mau and I was giving everyone that, but that is VERY costly!! Astro’s Oil’s fish oil is targeted for cats with specific health concerns like CKD (for Indy) or for prevention of CKD (for Cow Mau). So I ordered Fera’s fish oil and it just arrived two days ago.

Everyone was willing to eat Fera’s fish oil. It doesn’t have a fishy smell too.

Here are some information about the product: https://www.ferapetorganics.com/collections/cat/products/fish-oil-for-dogs?_pos=1&_fid=c77e3ad69&_ss=c

Made from sustainably wild-caught Icelandic sardines, anchovies, herring, and mackerel, our Fish Oil is formulated with the highest concentration of EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to develop and function optimally in every state of a pet’s life. 

Fish oil needs vitamin E to be processed by the body, so we include this natural antioxidant in our formula using a non-GMO, soy-free source derived from sunflowers.

Skin + Coat: Helps achieve a soft, shiny, and healthy coat.
Musculoskeletal: Nutritional support for joint strength and flexibility.
Cardiovascular: Promotes heart function and normal circulation.
Immune System: Provides nutritional support for healthy immune function.
Neurological: Supports brain health and function.

*We’ve upgraded to a more eco-friendly dispenser and removed the pumps as part of our larger effort towards environmental sustainability.

This is the 8oz bottle. It has to be refrigerated after opening and to be finished in 3 months. There is a bigger size, ie. 16oz.

Gerald and Misty had no problems eating the pre+probiotics (I gave them Love Bugs) mixed with Ciao treat and Fera’s fish oil.

However, Creamy staged a fierce protest. He walked away, all the way out of the gate to the park opposite the house!! Did not even touch his food.

Wow!! That’s really sending me a clear message. Did he smell the fish oil? Or the pre+probiotics, or what?? Or was it just coincidental? But he has never done anything like this before.

In fact, he went off so quickly I could not even find him after that even though I kept calling for him.

It was only after Gerald and Misty had finished eating their breakfast that Creamy came back from the park. Ah…no more smell, right?

Creamy is back!

I gave him pure raw food in a clean bowl and he ate.

So was the walk-out protest coincidental or was it because he smelled “a fish”??!!

I might try again tomorrow to confirm…haha.

As always, the Monsters are the easiest to feed!!

I’m making pre+probiotics and fish oil regular supplements for all our cats. I was told that fish oil must be given “fresh” since it will disintegrate very quickly once it is exposed to air.





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