Breakfast at Bunny’s Place this morning and reflections about CNRM

Whoopee!! I managed to get Akira to eat this morning. What a striking-lottery moment this is!

This means she won’t be eating a proper meal until 1-2 days’ time. Crazy Blondies!! They only seem interested to eat a good and full proper meal once in two days.

Samantha has to be served wherever she is. She will not come to the pantry to eat. Eating is also not a priority for her. These cats have never known hunger? But Samantha started off as a street cat.

But for that matter, so did little Riley and yet, she too isn’t interested in eating. I will never forget that particular day when Riley used to wait outside our gate for food a few times a day and that day, it was raining and yet, there she was, sitting outside our gate, hopeful. I took an umbrella, went out with a bowl for her and slowly drew her into the porch where it was shaded so that she could eat.

Those were the days!! Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with that now. Our only porch cats now are Gerald, Misty and Creamy and they come in to eat very confidently. Luckily they are doing their CNRM-duty, so we don’t have other cats coming onto this section of our road except for the occasional visits by pet cats with long hair and collars.

So you see, CNRM works. The only people who say it won’t work are those who don’t do it properly or follow the CNRM principles. It starts with C=Care. If you don’t start by caring, it won’t work.

And the equilibrium doesn’t last forever. Nothing does. When one batch of cats have finished doing their CNRM-job, another new batch might come in so the cycle starts all over again. So for those caregivers who complain that it is never-ending work, here’s news for you – You are right! It is.

Nothing is permanent in life.

Kai and Indra also ate, but it wasn’t a full meal. Not their usual double-triple helpings. Indra doesn’t eat as much as she used to, but judging from their weight when I carry them, I think she is still the heaviest of the Blondies. The youngest and the heaviest!

Cow Mau eats raw food twice a day during meal times and at other times, he will ask for canned food (Cindy’s pureed food) which he gets. My feeding principle for senior cats is: As long as they eat. They get whatever they want.

Indy has had his supplements for the morning as this mixture comes with a fair amount of Hill’s KD. Later, he will ask for his renal kibble. Right now, he’s on top of the world waiting for sunrise!

I’m so glad I get a breather now and that nobody is seriously ill. Cow Mau’s hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is under control and so is Indy’s Stage 3 CKD. Their conditions are being managed with supplements.





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