Furby, after one year!!

Do you remember Furby? He’s the long-haired kitty who came to our porch on 18th December 2022 (last year): https://animalcare.my/2022/12/18/furby-kitten-for-adoption/

He was adopted by my very trustworthy friend.

Here’s Furby, after one year!!

He’s already been neutered a few months back and now, he’s the BIGGEST cat in the house!

Such a handsome fella, indeed!

He’s really big, given that he’s only, at most, 13 months old. He was estimated to be about six weeks old when he came to our porch.

Look at his tail! That’s his trademark!

My friend says he loves to chase after the broom when she sweeps the floor. Haha…maybe he wants to “help” with his tail!

Have a happy and healthy life, Furby!







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