Indy to the vet’s for his monthly check-up (creatinine and urea off the charts)

Indy went for his monthly kidney check-up today.

Sadly, there is no good news at all. In fact, it’s bad. The mysterious thing is that Indy look so well, clinically.

First things first, last month’s PCV reading of 35% was a mistake. I had expected it because it seemed impossible that his PCV would increase from 25% to a miraculous 35%. But then again, Indy is Indy, right? The vet rechecked his PCV after we left on that day (last month) and it was just 25%, which seems more plausible.

Indy’s PCV today is 22%. A slight reduction, which is expected due to his kidney condition.

But that’s not the worst of the news.

His kidney readings have shot off the charts.

Creatinine 579 from the previous 431.
Urea 34.7 from the previous 30.3.

Only the phosphate has reduced to 1.77 from 1.9.

The vet is puzzled too, but the short explanation would be that Indy’s kidney conditions are “not good” anymore. So, nothing that we do seems to be helping.

From the vet’s, Indy is on Renal-N and Renal-P. Now, the vet says Renal-N can be increased to 3 scoops twice a day instead of the current 2 scoops.

After we got the readings, the vet decided to do a urinalysis for Indy. Luckily Indy’s bladder was big, so she was able to stimulate him to urinate into a bottle. Good boy, Indy.

The urinalysis showed that the urine is extremely diluted; so diluted that proteinuria, if there was any, could not even be detected. Indy’s urine SG is 1.008 which is not good at all. This means that the kidneys absolutely cannot concentrate urine anymore. Sigh…that’s bad news. But we know there is no turning back from CKD. It only progresses. Just how fast it progresses is something we hope the supplements will help, but in Indy’s case, it looks like nothing is helping. From the readings, what seems to be happening is that Indy’s kidneys cannot produce urine anymore, so the toxins (creatinine and urea) are circulating in his body and this is why both readings are so high. Sadly, this is the natural progression of chronic kidney disease. It’s just a matter of how fast it happens and for Indy’s case, it’s fast. But yet, he seems to be in good spirits so let’s hope the increase in toxins circulating in his body isn’t making him feel uncomfortable.

There was no infection or bacteria detected in Indy’s urine.

Indy is already on Kidney Support Gold, Astro’s Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub and Astro’s fish oil, all of which the vet says is okay to continue. But should we, if it isn’t helping? But granted, Indy’s kidney readings fluctuate and after starting him on Kidney Support Gold, it really brought him out of the doldrums. His appetite increased and most of all, his wellbeing did too. He was “alive” again, like his zest for life was renewed. Maybe the supplements help him feel better, but doesn’t change the deterioration of the kidneys and the progression of the CKD? Can this be possible? If so, then feeling better is all that we are aiming for, isn’t it? Indy doesn’t know anything about CKD or numbers. All he wants is to FEEL better. And that is what we want for him too.

Seeing how diluted Indy’s urine is, the vet also recommends that we reduce the subcut to 200ml from the present 250ml. While this totally sounds contradictory, the justification is that maybe, just maybe, the extra fluids is diluting his urine “too much”. So we will reduce the subcut now, but with daily monitoring for dehydration and recheck in 10 days’ time.

So, numbers-wise, Indy does not have any good news today.

However, clinically, he remains “good”, so we hope he actually feels good. He must be, because he’s always on top of the world on that highest platform!

Indy’s weight was 5.1kg at the vet’s but this is after 250ml subcut in the morning, so it ought be around 4.9kg then. There’s a slight but significant weight loss.

Hill’s KD kibble has a new improved formula with better palatability, so I bought a small pack for Indy to try. He seemed to like it…for now. Indy has been on Royal Canin’s renal kibble ever since diagnosed with CKD. I thought variety help increase satiety for him. But Indy’s appetite is good.

Cow Mau also likes this Hill’s improved kibble. The pellets are smaller than RC’s.

Moments are what matters most for our super seniors. I aim to make them as happy and comfortable as I can and cherish all these moments.

Cow Mau is FIV+ and has congestive heart failure so he is on blood thinners. Indy has Stage CKD. How I wish Professor Toru Miyazaki’s AIM treatment for CKD would be made available soon.






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