The advantage of Hill’s KD kibble for Indy

Ever since I bought the Hill’s KD kibble for variety in Indy’s renal diet, he has been eating it and rejecting the previous Royal Canin’s renal kibble.

I was told that Hill’s used to be less palatable than RC’s but they have improved the formula in its palatability and it’s quite a favourite amongst cat and cat parents nowadays.

Looks like Indy likes it. Or maybe, he just needs a change of taste.

And the good thing is that Akira does not like it!!

Remember how Akira would hound Indy whenever he eats his RC kibble until Indy moves away to let her eat?  I used to have to stand guard and physically restrain her from stealing Indy’s food. Indy, being the kind gentleman that he is, always used to walk away to let Akira (and Samantha) eat his food too.

But now, haha….both Akira and Samantha don’t like Hill’s KD while Indy loves it!

So, I don’t have to stand guard anymore…..?  Not really, I still have to. And why so?

Because Akira still makes Indy uncomfortable by invading his personal space while he eats.

What’s your agenda, Akira? You already don’t like the new kibble, why must you still come into Indy’s personal space and make him uncomfortable?

You see?

So I have to carry her away from Indy and make sure she doesn’t return (which she will, like a boomerang).






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