Welcome to the special (nebulisation) room, Akira!

It was bound to happen…

I was hoping against hope that it won’t, but it did this morning.

Akira started sneezing a lot.

Indra and Kai are both definitely getting better, so it’s Akira’s turn now.

If angels, fairies and nymphs exist, I would like to pray to them to intervene so that the sneezing does not spread to Samantha! If it does, what am I going to do when she cannot even be touched?

As of this morning, I fortified everyone with Vetri DMG. Those who can be syringed were syringed, while those who cannot had Vetri DMG in their food and I can only hope they ate up the parts with it.

The good news is that Robin and Creamy have stopped sneezing. Or rather, I have not heard them sneezing. Tough cookies, these two. They were only on Cetirizine+Bromhexine; Robin for two days and Creamy for one day. Today, Creamy, Gerald and Misty had Vetri DMG in their food. I think they ate those parts up.

I put Vetri DMG into Samantha’s food too. Luckily Vetri DMG is tasteless. Whatever some vets say (that Vetri DMG doesn’t work), from my experience, it DOES work with all our cats through the generations. Some caregivers say probiotics work better than Vetri DMG as an immune booster against the flu, but in my limited experience, no. For us, Vetri DMG works better.  It acts as an effective deterrent against cat flu.

The good thing is that Akira ate a lot this morning. She ate her raw food (Cubgrub plus Coco&Joe’s), then she had kibble too. The next story about a kibble story, by the way. So even though she was sneezing first thing in the morning, she could still eat. That means her appetite isn’t affected yet. She can still smell the food. My greatest worry about cat flu is that it impedes appetite as the sense of smell is diminished. Not being able to eat is never good.

After she ate, I invited her into the “nebulisation room”, which is the cat carrier. She didn’t know what she was in for and when it started, she turned into a violent tigress!!

Hopefully, like Indra and Kai, she will understand it is for her own good and stop being aggressive tomorrow.

This is after the nebulisation. Not too bad.

Her sneezing is different from Indra and Kai’s in that for the latter two, they would just sneeze twice each time. Akira sneezes like five to six times at one go.

Get well soon, Akira!

Happiness is being “quarantined” in the Safehouse!!






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