Tabs’ best case scenario

I managed to discuss Tabs’ case with the new vet a little more and he has given me a possibility with hope.

He reminded me that for Indy, way back in April 2019 (that’s four years ago), he had high creatinine too, and that’s what started his subcut, first on alternate days, then reduce to twice a week, and it was only after eight months that we could finally stop the subcut. Indy’s creatinine was still high for the first few months and his SDMA started at 15, but slowly came down to 13 and so did his creatinine (the highest was 238) but it came down and hovered at around 160 which is a little high in the normal range. Based on the IRIS staging of renal interest, Indy was at Stage 1-2 during this time.

Indy maintained this for four-and-a-half years until this September when his creatinine was off the charts. During these four-and-a-half years, Indy was living with kidney issues but did not require any treatment. Maybe he remained at Stage 1-2 but I did not know of any kidney supplements for this early stage at the time.

As we all know, there is no reversal of kidney disease nor is there any way to prevent its deterioration. It will progress so it can only be managed and even then, we do not know how fast or when it will progress. We only know that it will.

So, what if that is what’s happening with Tabs now. Maybe Tabs is at the early stages as Indy was in 2019, and maybe rehydration and subcut will bring Tabs back to Stage 1 or Stage 2. Now, we have Kidney Support Gold, so hopefully it will help slow down the progression. Again, it is just slowing down, but not preventing it as that’s impossible.

Between the above scenario and the possibility of kidney cancer, of course I hope it is the former.

I also asked the vet if Tabs’ case could be acute kidney disease. He says it is possible but not likely because for acute kidney disease, the cat will appear more sickly. Tabs seems okay.  I haven’t had any cat who had acute kidney disease before so I don’t know, but I’ve heard of cases of AKD which needed immediate hospitalisation for the IV fluids and they do recover well.

Whatever it is, we will know more in tomorrow’s check-up.

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