The serendipitous Cat’s Best Universal litter

If you remember, I mistakenly bought a big pack of Cat’s Best Universal litter during my early post-Covid days. This litter is meant for rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots and also cats, but it doesn’t clump and it is not flushable.

I only realised my mistake when I had cut open the pack and saw that the pellets were so big.

Oh dear…..what was I going to do with this huge bag of “wrong” litter?

So I used it, anyway, and surprise, surprise, some of our cats love it!

Tabs, Ginger and the whole battalion of Monsters like it so much that they began using it much more than Cat’s Best Original.

I figured it must be the pellets being so big that it doesn’t track much. So it won’t stick to their paws like Original does. And our big cats don’t mind the pellets being big in size too.

So we happily used it for our big cats.

The Blondies, as expected, did not like it at all.

Then, I heard that Smart pellets (also from Cat’s Best) is even better and decided to give it a try.

I ordered online since most shops can run out of stock.

So it arrived and I am trying it now, but looks like nobody likes it! It clumps well and is flushable, which makes it very human-friendly.

For the Universal, since it doesn’t clump and the pellets just turns into powder after being in contact with urine, I have to scoop a lot more out to throw away. I waste a lot.

I hear that for Universal, one would need the two-layered litter box where the powder falls to the bottoms to be discarded. However, I must say this: The odour control in the Universal is excellent. I don’t smell even the tiniest bit of urine smell, unlike with the Original.

Anyway, here’s a photo showing the size comparison among the three:

I hope everyone will learn to use the Smart pellet.  Makes life much easier…for me!





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