Glimmers of hope for Tabs

This is really exciting news.

Our vet has consulted with the vet who pioneered the use of stem cells for kidney treatment and yes, he says that there may be some benefits for polycystic kidney. In humans, they are using stem cells for human polycystic kidney as well.

But for Tabs, there is a cystic structure around the liver, so the vet would have to do an X-Ray to determine if that is a concern if we are keen to move forward with the stem cell treatment for Tabs.

OF COURSE we are interested to take the first step to check the liver cyst first. Then, if Tabs is suitable for the stem cell treatment, of course we will proceed with it. Anything to help slow down the progression of the CKD and PKD!

And Ginger can also be tested first, it’s called a metastasis check, and if there is no cancer, he too can be a candidate for the stem cell treatment. Ginger has potential to be a CKD patient due to his single kidney cyst and his kidney readings have been creeping up over the years.

Sadly, Indy is not a viable candidate for the stem cell treatment because he is already in Stage 3-4 of CKD. It’s okay, we didn’t have the benefit of knowing everything earlier. Indy will use his own TCM treatment.

So, I’m going to take both Tabs and Ginger to the vet’s for an evaluation this afternoon. Updates later!

There are glimmers of hope and a faint light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m prepared for the worst case scenario as well, which is, we cannot do the stem cell treatment. If we cannot, it’s okay, we will manage it as what we are doing now.

But…there is some hope now. From “not suitable” to “possible” now!

Be still, my beating heart!!

Ginger still needs to be the Monsters’ favourite uncle!!






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