Riley and Gerald to the vet’s (annual vaccination)

I took Riley, Gerald, Tabs and Ginger to the vet’s today.

I’ll write about Riley and Gerald first.


No issue. Might have to continue with the monthly Advocate spot-on for his balding flanks. It has actually healed a lot, but he is probably allergic to something and since he is a free roaming cat, we don’t know what it is. And for a free roaming cat, annual vaccinations are recommended for the three flu viruses.


Also no issue except that one of her canines is totally broken, leaving a root inside the gum. We don’t know when this happened or how, but the vet says from the looks of it, it happened recently. No surgery required yet. Wait and see if the inflammation subsides. It is inflamed now.

Riley can do vaccinations three years once from now on. She had her baby vaccinations last year, this is the first annual booster. After this would be three yearly vaccinations since she is indoors. I asked about her “grazing”, eating a little bit frequently, the vet also also said it is their normal way of eating, so just let her be.

Both of them were dewormed too. The vet recommends monthly deworming if on a raw food diet. I normally do 3-6 months once.

As expected, Gerald mewed non-stop on the way to the vet’s and at the vet’s. Loudly too. Poor guy. He must have been so stressed out, being not familiar with travelling in a car and being inside a carrier. I could not catch Misty, though.

Gerald came back and Misty was right there waiting for him. Aww…

No issues for Riley. So, graze away, girl!







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