Another batch of soupy water-rich homemade meat broth for our cats!

Here’s my new batch of soupy water-rich homemade cat food for today!

Today’s meat broth is made with the following ingredients:

Chicken breast meat
Chicken liver
Water (of course!)
Slices of pumpkin
Two kampung eggs

Supplements added in after the food is ready:
Taurine powder
Vitamin E powder
Nutritional Yeast flakes (for Vitamin B)

Once cooled, I will keep them in the freezer. But I might see if anyone wants some warm soup later.

For new readers, this is my attempt at increasing the water intake of all our cats. I did not use chicken carcass because we have three CKD cats. This is not a balanced meal for cats because the purpose is just to make them drink more water. It is my own water-rich recipe.






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