The Cow Bite story continues again…

I went for dressing today and the wound is finally healing!

There’s a hole, do you see?  Well, that’s the puncture wound. There is still slough (dead cells) in it, so that had to be removed (ouch!).

It is plastered up again. Dressing is still needed for another few days, depending on the healing each day.

This is a 24-hour clinic so the doctors are on rotation, but I do get to choose the doctor I want. Today’s doctor was a friendly one. He explained that the cut-off-skin doctor had to suggest cutting off a circular patch that day because on that day, the wound was really bad and a big circular patch was actually hardened. So okay, he wasn’t entirely wrong in that, I suppose. But I’m still glad I chose not to listen to his advice and opted for the oral antibiotics instead.

Glad I was plain lucky that the oral antibiotics worked, and the next day, it had subsided considerably hence only a straight-cut lancing was required.

Plain dumb luck! But still lucky!
(Note: The “dumb” in dumb luck refers to it being silent, as in “deaf and dumb” (mute), not dumb as in stupid….haha).

Tomorrow will be another day of dressing and evaluating the wound.






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