Dorami and Mina drink soup – a success story!!

Today is only Day 2 and Ming-Yi has successfully enticed Dorami and Mina to drink the homemade chicken soup!!

Mina is probably saying, “I need coffee, I need coffee!!”

Mina finished drinking her soup and is now showing her butt out of protest and trying to sniff coffee. Dorami is still drinking.

Eh, Day 2 and it’s a sapu habis success!!!!!

That’s incredibly fast, isn’t it? And Dorami and Mina don’t even like canned chicken at all.  And yet….


Let me share my basic water-rich homemade soupy cat food with you, if you are interested, but a disclaimer first: This is just a sharing and not any expert advice on nutrition. This is NOT a balanced meal for cats. It is intended only to increase the water intake of cats to reduce the chances of kidney disease.

For non-CKD cats:

Bone broth (very nutritious for humans and animals but strictly for non-CKD cats only)

Chicken carcass
A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (roughly)

Slow-cook for more than 24 hours. Time is needed for the apple cider vinegar to draw out the nutrients (like minerals and collagen) from the bone.

Meat broth (suitable for CKD cats too)

Chicken meat (without any bone) – use breastmeat or thigh meat with no fat
Pumpkin, carrot, any vegetable (only 5% and optional) – for fiber, if required
Chicken liver (optional) – for taste
Kampung eggs (optional)

Slow-cook until fragrant.

Optional supplements to add: Taurine powder and Vitamin E powder. Please check how much to add, it depends on the quantity of your supplements.

Just offer the soup, if your cats are willing to drink it, or blend everything and offer it as a soupy meal.

Bon appetit!!




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