Feeding our clan Adored Beast’s Healthy Gut pre+probiotic

I was previously using Adored Beast’s Love Bugs pre+probiotic. This company has a variety of probiotics for different needs, but Love Bugs is the most basic and its formula also forms the basis of all their other probiotics.

So, Healthy Gut is the Love Bugs with added digestive enzymes. I decided to try this, rotating with Fera Pet Organics’ pre+probiotic and I find that our cats do much better when on Healthy Gut.

I bought the 41g jar to start off, and now I’ve purchased the 83g since we have so many mouths to feed. The only cat I’ve failed to feed probiotic-laced food is Samantha. She walks away when she smells it out. Sigh…is there even any smell, Samantha?  But I have not given up. I know I will be able to do it….one day.

For the Monsters now, I no longer have to mix the probiotics with Ciao treat or any wet food. I just directly mix the powder into their food and as you can see from above, it’s a success! Yes, even Minnie eats the laced food. Actually, the fussy one here is Rey. He does walk off when he senses there are “added ingredients” to his food, but slowly and surely, we will get there.

Now, onwards to the Blondies. Feeding the Blondies require work, because they think they don’t need to eat. So, they have this very lackadaisical attitude about them, like, “Hmmm….you want to make us eat, YOU come to us. We will not go to you.” 

The only time they are interested is when they hear the kibble jar sound or the pouring out of Indy’s renal kibble. That’s when they come and surround Indy, hoping to steal his food.

As for their proper staple meals of raw food…

Samantha will usually stay in the room or on the bed, and I would have to feed her there.

Kai and Indra do show a little bit of interest in food, but it’s not daily too. This morning, I was plain lucky that they came on their own to the pantry and I did not have to feed them in situ at their respective locations.

Akira is almost never interested in proper meals (she loves kibble, though), so I had to chase her down and put the bowl in front of her. She just licked a little bit and scuttled off to play.

Who needs to eat? 

With the Blondies who usually eat at four different locations, I would have to monitor their rate of eating and quickly add on more food before they finish. Otherwise, they will just run off to play, like, “Yay! I’m done eating, I can play now!!”

Then come Gerald, Misty and Creamy…

Both are so good. I can hide the probiotic powder into their food and they eat everything up.

But since yesterday, Misty has been very wary of something “behind” (at the gate) and keeps checking behind while she ate.

What’s there, Misty?

An imaginary enemy?

But Bushy has been trying to come in and once we came home and saw him scuttling out of our gate while Misty and Gerald were just chilling on the shoe bench.

Bushy is someone’s pedigree cat with a collar on him.






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