Meat broth for the cats

This morning, I cooked another batch of meat broth for the cats.

This is not meant to replace their diet as it isn’t a balanced meal, it is only meant to increase their water intake.

This time I changed the recipe. I only used one portion of chicken (just for taste), added water, carrots and pumpkin and brought it to a boil, then I added one kampung egg. Then I let it cook in the pressure cooker. After it was cooked, I poured out the soup in to my containers above. Then I added Nutritional Yeast (for B vitamins), taurine powder and Vitamin E powder and blended the solids with some soup and poured the mixture into the soup. So this is really soupy food. It’s more water than anything else!

Well, that’s my purpose – to get them to drink more water.

Does Riley want any? No, she doesn’t. She’s as junkie as they come.

Everything is stored in the freezer. But I took out two containers for the cats today.

Cow Mau loved it and drank a lot.

He drank three-quarters of the bowl.

Indy didn’t want any today. The Blondies also didn’t want any.

Ginger liked it.

The Monsters were suspicious, but I know what works. Just add some canned food in. It works with them, but not with the Blondies.


The Monsters sapu habis four bowls in total!






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