Jayden and the Blondies

Initially the Blondies didn’t know how to play with Jayden. But now, they are warming up to him.

The moment Jayden arrived this morning, his first question to me was, “Where cats, Ama?”

Then he spotted Tabs and ran towards her, but Tabs was afraid so there was some chasing going on there.

Then, the Blondies came and started playing with him.

Jayden has five new books which I had carefully chosen for him. Guess which was his favourite new book for today? It’s the one about kittens!

He carried the book all over the house, didn’t even let it go until I told him I will put it in a safe place so that he could take a bath.

And when he did take a bath, Akira and Indra came into the bathroom to peek at him!

It’s so much fun for a child to grow up with pets. Having pets teach them so many valuable and intangible lessons in life which will shape their personality in a very positive way.





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