Push to create awareness on the dangers of fireworks

I know it’s the first day of Chinese New Year. But I’ve been up since 2.30am today. I am very, very upset with the fireworks at my neighbourhood last night and this is despite the fact that our neighbourhood claims to be an “educated” one and I had already shared all the dangers of fireworks in the neighbourhood group chat hours before the planned fireworks activity.

The ones lighting up earth-shattering fireworks last night were teenagers and I believe they attend good schools too. Where is the education? Didn’t their teachers teach them the dangers that fireworks do to animals, babies and the environment? Even if their teachers did not, the information is readily available all over the internet. Why weren’t they aware of it? Even if their parents passed down the tradition of burning fireworks to scare away evil spirits, shouldn’t they, as students, know better? Shouldn’t they say NO to their parents?

I already called the police station yesterday afternoon to ask where the law stands on fireworks and I was told, “Tapi yalah, ini perayaan mereka…” Obviously, the policewoman who took my call did not know I was Chinese as I was speaking Bahasa Malaysia to her. Yes, the law prohibits fireworks after 12 midnight, but hey, fireworks are dangerous at any time of the day.

Perayaan or whatever, bad traditions should be discarded.

It is the tradition of certain communities in ancient history to sacrifice humans to appease the gods, isn’t it? You going to retain the stupid tradition for the sake of preserving tradition??

I called the police again last night and explained that the fireworks were really too loud and the perpetrators had absolutely no consideration for homes with pets and young babies. The policeman said they would send a peronda but none turned up (as usual). The earth-shattering and deafening fireworks continued well into the night and stopped before midnight. Meanwhile, half of our cats were running helter-skelter all over the house and finally took cover under the sofas and wherever they could hide. I wasn’t able to put Gerald and Misty (our CNRM cats) inside our house so I could only hope they found somewhere safe to hide. The fireworks also woke Ryan and Jayden up in their home. I remember some time last year, Jayden screamed when the sudden fireworks came on during one of the festivals.

So, I am on a push to create more awareness on the dangers of fireworks. If you share my concerns, please help spread the awareness. Please do not even send Chinese New Year greetings that display firecrackers and fireworks. Say NO to fireworks.

Thank you for having a heart.






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