The challenge of feeding the Blondies

Are female cats always so hard to feed?

From my experience, the answer is YES.

Cleo had always been so difficult to feed and for many years, I did wonder how she continued to survive and thrive (!) by eating so, so little. Riley is also very difficult to feed, especially proper food, though she loves kibble. Tabs is equally getting to be so difficult to feed nowadays as well. Perhaps only Minnie is considered easy to feed maybe because she eats with the Monsters and the Monsters are all food guzzlers!

Then comes Samantha and the Blondies.

This morning, I could not get anyone to eat at all. Not even Samantha. I know they love kibble but I just want to ensure that at least twice a day (if I’m lucky), they eat some proper wet food. If they were willing to eat canned food, I would give it to them, especially when getting them to eat raw requires so much patience, perseverance, creativity and mind-reading (which I’m hopeless at). But no, they won’t eat canned food either except for Kai.

They just want kibble. Well, kibble is a snack and now’s breakfast, not snack time.

Eat some proper food, please.

I had brought in three types of raw food for them.

After walking away from Coco’s and Cubgrub’s Chicken, Kai ate Cubgrub’s Rabbit voraciously, even asking for seconds and thirds. Sigh…how was I supposed to know he wants raw rabbit, right?

Girls, I cannot read your minds, please.

But I guess I have to.

Akira is the easiest to feed for this “season”. She likes Cubgrub’s Chicken. So she finally ate.

Samantha boycotted breakfast even though she’s the least fussy of all. She decided not to eat this morning. Indra walked off from everything I laid out for her.

Fine, tak mahu makan, sudah. 

Then I went in and decided to cut up raw chicken meat. Cow Mau was asleep so I had some time to spare.

What do you know? Indra ate two heaped helpings of cut-up raw chicken.

You think it might work on the next meal? Nope. It won’t. She’ll want something else and I wouldn’t know what on earth that might be.

Kai came by to ask for raw chicken too, so I gave her some as well.

Together, the two ginger sisters finished up a whole piece of half a chicken breast.

I know they have to eat; they are just SO fussy.

One might say, why bother…if they are hungry, they will eventually eat. Hah…you hope?

And if they still don’t eat, hepatic lipidosis might happen and that would be so dangerous. Or, on a lesser scale, some gastrointestinal problems and that’s also trouble. I don’t have time to cart anyone else to the vet’s except Cow Mau now.  So, none of you had better get sick, please.

Akira was too busy hunting but she had already eaten her fill earlier.

You see, they can eat!

Samantha also finally ate raw chicken meat. I know it’s not balanced, but later, they will surely ask for a kibble snack and that’s a balanced meal. The only problem is, kibble is ultra-processed and dry. It does have all the nutrients that cats are supposed to get, but it’s ultra-processed, so how much of it is bio-available? Human nutrition researchers are already telling humans to eat real food because a lot of the ultra-processed foods have very low bioavailability or worse, can be counter-productive for health.

I just want them to eat some real food twice a day, please. “Real” as in, as Nature intended type of food. I know, I know, one can argue that in the wild, big cats hunted for their preys and those preys ate real food too, whereas whatever chicken I’m giving them now is farmed chicken, probably pumped with hormones for growth, so how natural is that?

The argument will never stop.

The entire Earth is polluted!!

So, I managed to get everyone to eat some “real” food this morning, which is an achievement in itself!

What with wanting raw chicken but not Cubgrubm girls? The two are quite similar in texture, actually. Coco’s is different as it’s much denser and has more ingredients like microgreens which I think is good, for fiber.

Feeding the Monsters is such a joy. I can put everything into one bowl and they will wallop it all up. For example, one bowl could have Coco’s, Cubgrub, raw chicken meat, raw gizzard, raw liver, laced with probiotics and fish oil and they gobble everything up!

One good thing about males (including human males) – they can eat!!






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