Indy wakes up from the morphine

Indy was given a small dose of morphine at the vet’s so that he could sleep comfortably under sedation.

After about five hours, Indy woke up!

The oxygen concentrator arrived at 3pm, earlier than expected. The delivery man was so kind, he rushed it over. Ming-Yi and I immediately installed it and we could see it helped Indy take deeper breaths.

Indy woke up from the sedation!

Ming-Yi and I managed to transfer Indy over to a bigger carrier. The carrier is good as he would feel safe and it has a bit of enclosure for the oxygen.

I even managed to feed Indy the Sucralfate for his stomach and inject the Ranitidine. He didn’t protest at all. I have been keeping vigil beside him since we returned from the vet’s today.

Indy is as strong and stoic as he has been all his life.

He is our Indy Jones.






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