The super fussy Blondies

I decided to try a new food for the Blondies today since they are so incredibly fussy.

This is Cindy’s Complete Pate. It isn’t a new food, though. I’ve tried it before last time on our cats, but our cats didn’t much like it then. This was before the Monsters or the Blondies’ time.

The food is from Italy and it’s a complete food, unlike most other canned foods that are complementary (snacks).

Normally, according to the importer, their complementary food sells much better than the complete ones. I asked why and he said it is likely because the complete food has the entire nutrient range and maybe cats just don’t like the taste of some of the minerals.

It’s true from my own limited experience. Back2Nature canned food is a complete food and my cats do not like it as much as they like Cindy’s canned food, which is a complementary food.

Indra actually did not eat it at all. Akira did, though.

Samantha ate it.

Kai ate it as well and I could only serve it here because she was here, busy eating grass.

Indra had more important things to do than to “just eat”. I mean, who has time to eat, right?

Actually, I am not entirely sure why she sits up there. Sometimes, her gaze is just transfixed on small lizards on the roof (she cannot catch them, they are outside, on the roof).

“I am defending our home from lizards. Who knows who big they will grow up to be?” 

You’ve got a point there, Indra. Good job!

The verdict on the Cindy’s Complete Pate canned food? Hmm…just so-so. But then again, the Blondies’ verdict on any wet food is also “just so-so”. They are kaki kibble. But nowadays, I add water to the kibble and they have no choice but to eat wet kibble. The kibble is still a snack and not their main meals.

The main meals are either raw food or canned food. Wet food still rules.






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