AIM supplements for Ginger and Tabs

This morning, I tried the AIM supplements on Ginger and Tabs.

Both loved it! I guess it must be very tasty. It is a powder packed in sachets.

About AIM:

Tabs is one of our hardest cats to feed now. I noticed her appetite isn’t so good these few weeks. Tabs has PKD and CKD. She probably had the PKD since young without us knowing about it because there were no CKD symptoms at all. For new readers, PKD is polycystic kidney disease (a genetic disorder) while CKD is chronic kidney disease. PKD can eventually lead to CKD as the cat ages. This was what happened to Tabs. I suddenly discovered she had elevated kidney readings in last year’s check-up. That’s when an ultrasound was done and it reveals multiple (actually, a frightening number of) fluid-filled cysts in her kidneys and one big one in her liver. The cysts are benign, but when they grow in number and size, they will take the space of healthy kidney cells and this is how PKD leads to CKD. There is no cure for PKD; only palliative care. But our vet did some research and found that Chitosan Oligssacharide may help, so my pharmacist helped me source for a brand and I started Tabs on that. Tabs also went through stem cell therapy on 5th January 2024. Hopefully that helps too. We won’t know if it does; only time will tell.

Now, two of my dear friends helped me purchase AIM food and supplements from Japan. AIM food is supposed to also aid in kidney health, so I’m giving it to Tabs and Ginger.

I started Tabs on the AIM kibble yesterday and she loved it. In fact, she asked for it today as well. Now, that’s a good sign. At least she likes it.

Ginger loves it too, both the kibble and supplement. Not only Ginger, but the Monsters tried to snatch it from Ginger and I had a hard time stopping them! They didn’t want their food, they wanted Ginger’s.

Ginger has Stage 2 CKD.

Both Tabs and Ginger are 13 years old (estimated). When I rescued Tabs, she was estimated at 7 months old. Ginger was a playground CNRM-cat living with his family. He came to ask for help from me when he had a serious paw wound (about to turn gangrenous). Ginger was estimated to be one year old then, according to his feeder. Ginger’s feeder told me about the paw wound, so when Ginger himself came to sit in our cage, I took him immediately to the vet’s and had it treated. We saved his paw.

Minnie and her sons adore Ginger to bit. He’s their hero! And rightly so, because Ginger looked after the boys when they were growing up. Ginger played the role of Uncle Bobby to our original super seniors.

Tabs getting some sunshine this morning.

Asking for more AIM kibble.

Sitting with me. She’s always with me.




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